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Pacific Green Marine are proud innovators in scrubbing technology and have enjoyed more than a decade of experience in designing, planning, manufacturing, and implementing exhaust gas emission control systems around the World.

Pacific Green Marine

Pacific Green Marine’s patented emission control system provides the most cost effective flue gas scrubbing solution for HFO powered ships.

Our patented TurboHead™ technology not only scrubs to the current new IMO regulations but also future proofs against the upcoming rounds of ever more stringent environmental demands. Our unique scrubbing process also has the advantage of capturing nearly all the particulate matter without the use of a constricting venturi.

Aided by research and design centres in both Vancouver and China, Pacific Green Marine have become market leaders by having the most efficient scalable and flexible emission control systems available.

When it comes to marine scrubbing devices, our joint venture with subsidiary of China state owned enterprise PowerChina SPEM provides quite simply the largest fabrication and manufacturing capacity in the World. We are totally focused not only on the demands of the new regulations that will come into force in 2020 but beyond that into the future.


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The world is changing

The International Maritime Organization, charged with overseeing the industry on behalf of The United Nations, has outlined a plan that will still enable the use of Heavy Fuel Oils, provided an efficient scrubbing device is fitted.

Our mission is to help ship owners shipyards and designers retrofit the technology necessary to enable an easy change to a low Sulphur environment, a change that gives full compliance with the regulations, done as quickly and conveniently as possible and a change that enables HFO as a fuel to be viable far into the future.

Nearly 90% of transport around the globe is by sea using Heavy Fuel Oil and as a consequence is responsible for huge amounts of pollutants, mainly Sulphur, into the Earth’s atmosphere. As marine emission regulations bite harder in 2020 there will be a major demand for marine scrubber technology around the World.

Many companies simply will not have the capacity to meet this demand. We believe this gives Pacific Green Marine the decisive advantage when it comes to converting both individual ships and larger fleets to a cleaner future due to our unrivalled capacity.

Pacific Green Marine
“Large ships consume up to 100 tons of fuel a day at sea. One large vessel can produce as much SOx in one day as would 75 million diesel cars.”

Technical Overview

The ENVI-Marine™ process is a simple concept. The flue gases are first quenched, then cleaned by being frothed in a special way through pure seawater using our patented TurboHead™ process, before being polished through media and released as harmless salts. The system can also be used in a closed or hybrid loop mode.

Functions by:

  • Using the natural alkalinity of seawater to absorb SO2 emissions produced by marine engines
  • Post treatment discharge of neutralized sulphur into sea
  • Using caustic soda (NaOH) as a supplemental reagent when transiting areas with low seawater alkalinity

Flexible layout due to:

  • Square-plan shaped scrubber
  • Potential for component separation
  • Able to configure footprint to fit space available
  • Compact footprint due to efficiency
The Envi-Marine™ system has three areas of interaction – the quench zone, the patented turbulent scrubbing head and the special poly structured media layer.

System Operating Modes

The ENVI-Marine™ system is designed to operate in three modes, Open, Closed and Hybrid depending on the sea’s alkalinity and the effluent emission regulations of the waters in which the ship is located.

Open Mode – Single pass raw seawater. Seawater returned to sea following treatment.

Closed Mode – Water is recirculated with NaOH added to neutralize sulphur. No discharge while in port. Solution is processed and contaminants are stored for disposal ashore.

Hybrid Mode – NaOH is added to segments of open system to maintain SO2 removal efficiency in areas of low alkalinity.

Removal efficiency is directly related to thoroughness of interaction and residence time of exhaust gas and seawater.

Technically the ENVI-Marine™ scrubber has a definite advantage over conventional water spray exhaust gas cleaners. It also has a more efficient foam bed than other water aeration systems. The patented TurboHead™ foaming bed creates circulation in an intense way to give better gas-to-reagent contact in a given space than any other system. This efficiency advantage allows for a more compact and cost effective solution

The ENVI‑Marine™ System

Maximum efficiency is achieved throughout the chamber due to the turbulence and circulation between the flue gas and the reagent sea water

The ‘frothing’ Action Chamber allows vigorous interaction and a huge boundary surface area. This results in a more efficient device.


  • 100% of gas is vigorously treated in the turbulent zone
  • Uniform distribution of exhaust gas and seawater
  • Greatest SO2 concentration is treated with constant flow of seawater for high reactivity

The Pacific Green Technologies ENVI-Marine™ System


The Retrofit Process

We know downtime is very expensive in any industry especially shipping, so we manufacture, procure and deliver to site all parts within an agreed timetable. Our technology is delivered in line with a pre-agreed plan, working alongside planned docking dates and our technical staff are available throughout the process to ensure a smooth process.

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The brochure below contain all the information you have seen here and the technical book contains a more detailed review of our product, please feel free to download.

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